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IV Groups Norwegian units are successful

IV Groups Norwegian units are successful

In the Norwegian injection moulding unit, IV Microplast AS, major improvements have been implemented in operation, making sure customer satisfaction has increased through focus mainly on quality & deliveries.

CEO Magnus Emeus:
“We are very happy with our development the last year. All main customers have expressed their satisfaction with the development since Q4 last year and we are now in a good position to discuss further growth with them which is very promising.”

Industriverktöy AS is a unique niche company in the Norwegian market, operating in tool manufacturing for injection moulding industry as well as machining works for various industries in Norway.

Managing Director Kaj Vidar Sandvold:
“We are growing more than 10% in 2016 which is really pleasing. What we are capable of doing at Industriverktöy in Leksvik, very few if any, can do in the Norwegian market. We have more than 50 years of experience in tool making and with our highly skilled employees, we are able to fulfill our customer’s very high demands & expectations.”

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