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IV Techmould invest in Quality

IV Techmould invest in Quality

New CMM for IV Techmould measurement room

IV Techmould invest in a brand new CMM machine for the Quality department measurement room. The old one was sold as part of the sale of IV Techmould tool shop. IV Techmould Quality Manager Mrs. Grace Hou comment on the new CMM.
“We had an agreement with the new owner of the tool shop that we could continue to use the CMM but in praxis it didn’t work well so we decided investing in a new CMM. The CMM we chose was a Hexagon Explorer 07.10.05 equipped with a powerful measuring software and a probe system with a motorized indexable head”. With this new CMM IV Techmould can handle all common measurement task. Mrs. Grace Hou continue to say that “With the new CMM we can measure some dimensions which Smartscope can’t and make the measurement result more accurate with a tolerance level at 0.005mm. So the CMM will complement our 3 OGP Smartscope and our 3D scanner well. It will be used both for full measurements, FAI and production process control. It also add both capability and capacity in all aspects of our quality work” The new CMM was installed in February and now in March our team has been at supplier for extensive training on operating the CMM so it will be in full used from March 27th.

New Vision Inspection system

As part of our continues improvement work at IV Techmould we invests in a Vision Inspection machine (CCD) to inspect part quality for parts that we paint and then laser etch symbols on. The machine will be onsite in beginning of April and be integrated to our laser etching line to ensure a 100% objective inspection of the product quality as part of our production line. This will also reduce the number of operators needed.

IV Techmould update from TS to IATF 16949

We will phase in IATF 16949 in early May. This update has added some items/processes
IV Techmould Quality Manager Mrs. Grace Hou elaborates on the update. “The main differences are around these items:
1. Customer-specific requirements: which shall be evaluated and included in the scope of the organization’s quality management system.
2. Product safety: The organization shall have documented processes for the management of product-safety related products and manufacturing processes.
3. Cooperate responsibility: The organization shall define and implement cooperate responsibility policies, including at a minimum an anti-bribery policy, an employee code of conduct, and an ethics escalation policy.
4. Process owners: Top management shall identify process owners who are responsible for managing the organization’s processes and related outputs. Process owners shall understand their roles and be competent to perform these roles.
5. Second party audit and auditors’ competence.
6. Verification after shutdown: The organization shall define and implement the necessary actions to ensure product compliance with requirements after a planned or unplanned production shutdown period.
7. Temporary change of processes control
8. Customer notification: The organization shall immediately notify the customer(s) in the event that nonconforming product has been shipped. Initial communication shall be followed with detailed documentation of the event.
9. Warranty management system: When the organization is required to provide warranty for their product(s), the organization shall implement a warranty management system. The organization shall include in the process a method for warranty part analysis, including NTF (no trouble found). When specified by the customer, the organization shall implement the required warranty management system.”

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