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2018 – The best year ever for IV Group

2018 – The best year ever for IV Group

We are happy we could build on the successful 2016 & 2017 making 2018 even better. Further improvements were reached 2018 throughout the P&L and through our Policy deployment program we continued to improve our defined KPI:s to achieve higher customer satisfaction as well as increasing productivity, both helping us to increase our competitiveness. On the sales & customer side, we continued to win new projects with current customers as well as starting up relationships with new customers, both within Industrial & Automotive sector says Magnus Emeus CEO at IV Group.

The continuous improvement philosophy & mentality which has been implemented in the company the last few years means IV Group are planning for further improvements all over the Group for the years to come.

In our 3-years Strategic Plan we outline how we are going to develop the Group and the respective daughter companies the coming years. Growth is obviously our highest priority going forward together with classical areas such as productivity-, quality- & delivery improvements. These priorities goes hand in hand as a precondition for growth is almost always to make sure your operational KPIs continue to develop in a positive way concludes Magnus Emeus.

IV Techmould in Suzhou outside Shanghai is IV Groups biggest operation. They have continued to improve in during 2018 where winning new sales together with further productivity improvements are the highlights.

"2018 was the best year in the history of IV Techmould where improvements were reached in many areas. Most importantly, customers continued to show faith in us by awarding us several new projects where we will supply them parts for the next +4 years. In addition to further improved productivity we also invested in new efficient equipment to support our new business awards going forward", says Fredrik Carlsson, MD at IV Techmould.

IV Moulding, in Leksvik Norway, have introduced 2 new important customers during 2018 and the company therefor expect to grow sales the coming 3-years.

"Starting up production to two new strategic customers during 2018 is obviously very pleasing for IV Moulding. These awards together with continued high focus om new sales activities will help the company to grow sales the coming years. In parallel we have continued to lowering our cost level which means an even lower break-even point. We will keep focusing on both these areas in order to secure a good development for the company the coming years", says Magnus Emeus, acting MD at IV Moulding.

Industriverktøy, also in Leksvik Norway are improving year by year. After seeing a good improvement during 2017 the company came out even better 2018.

"We are growing in each of our business segments, tool manufacturing, maintenance & repairs of tools and machining. In parallel we are developing our organization and our way of working, making us more efficient leading to improved KPI:s. We will keep improving in the mentioned areas and combine this with a number of good machine investments which will make us even stronger on market", says Kaj Vidar Sandvold, MD at Industriverktøy.

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