Ny administrerende direktør i IV Molding

Kjell Olav Kleveland vil begynne som administrerende direktør i IV Molding den 6. april 2021. Kjell Olav var tidligere økonomisjef ved IV Moulding og vil i tillegg beholde denne posisjonen etter opprykk til administrerende direktør.

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IV Group acquires Swedish-based Frohe Group

IV Group has completed the acquisition of the Swedish-based Frohe Group. The company was established in 1991 and is today mainly operating in the Medical- & Industrial sector. The acquisition means IV Group is adding Medical to its portfolio as well as expanding geographically with manufacturing sites added both in Sweden and in Poland.

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Laser etching

IV Techmould has extensive experience in Laser Etching. Currently our main capacity and capabilities are used to laser etch parts to create various backlit effects.

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