IV Group in a few words...

Industriverktøy in Leksvik was founded as a moldmaker company in 1961. Injection molding was first established in a testing and qualification capacity to support our moldmaking as a service to our customers. Following increasing demand from the market, Industriverktøy slowly expanded from being a moldmaker, into becoming a production company with injection molding capacities.

Together with a rapidly growing market and customer base, Industriverktøy grew both on moldmaking and injection molding during 70’s and the 80’s and very fast became one of the key plastic production companies in Norway.

The telecom adventure starting in the 90’s helped turning Industriverktøy into IV Group and what it is today; a group with more than 100 injection molding machines and employing around 350 people in 3 countries. Moldmaking is still a very important part of our company and one of our key competences with more than 70 people working on development and moldmaking in IV Group.

In 2003, IV Group started to operate in Suzhou, China, creating IV Techmould.

In 2006, IV Group AB was established as a sales and technical support office in Lund, Sweden. The location is important for IV Group to be closer to our customers.

At the end of 2007 Verdane Captial invested in as new owners of the IV Group.Verdane sees great potential in IV Group and support with knowledge and capital in the continuous growth of the group both nationally and internationally.

In 2010, Industriverktøy i Sverige AB was established and became the location for the headquarters.

End 2013, Norwegian plastic operations merged with Microplast AS in Stjørdal, giving birth to IV Moulding AS. IV Moulding AS is today among the biggest plastic injection companies in Norway.

In 2020, IV Group complete the acquisition of the Swedish-based Frohe Group. The company was established in 1991 and is mainly operating in the Medical- & Industrial sector. The acquisition means IV Group is adding Medical to its portfolio as well as expanding geographically with manufacturing sites added both in Sweden and in Poland.