Quality in IV Group

IV Group and its subsidiaries have certified systems of quality and environmental management (ISO 9001 and 14001, IATF-16949:2016), and the efforts of continuous improvement have become a natural part of everyday life. Certificates are available here.

Environmental Policy

In addition to complying with self-imposed requirements of environmental aspects, as well as all relevant laws and regulations, IV Group has a continuous monitoring of ongoing activities to reduce any negative environmental impacts. An environmental policy should be based on a good preventive environmental work, this behavior will make a positive contribution to the good reputation of the company.

Environmental objectives

  • An increasing focus on energy consumption and possible adverse effects on the environment

  • Environmental considerations should always be considered when purchasing and procurement

  • Raw materials must to the extent possible is recovered so that the amount of plastic waste is minimized

  • Waste must minimize residual waste

Quality Policy

IV Group delivers environmentally friendly and innovative plastic and metal solutions. Our customers will see us as an attractive partner because they achieve good service and quick response.

Customer satisfaction should be monitored without unnecessary burden on the customer, and it should be a constant quest for improvement of the quality management system

Quality targets

  • Quality of products and processes to measure and follow up systematically to identify improvement opportunities and implement improvements

  • The right product with the right quality to be delivered at the right place at the right time

  • Circumstances that lead to deviations are analyzed and corrective action taken

  • Through close cooperation with the customer as early as possible in the project to thoughtful design and materials is ensured

EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) policy

IV Group wants to be an attractive workplace by maintaining a good and stimulating work environment for its employees. This will be achieved by a constant focus on safety, being a viable business and striving for a clear integrity in all activities

Goals for EHS:

  • Zero absence due to accidents

  • Regular monitoring of physical and psychosocial work performed in collaboration with local EHS authorities

  • Sick leave shall be followed by the company , possibly in collaboration with local EHS authorities

  • Employees receive information about our safety objectives and achievement including open meeting