IV Techmould have long experience of painting both metal and plastic parts. In 2006 a Moldow/ABB painting line was transferred from Sweden to IV Techmould Suzhou. This line was in use until March 2016 when it was dismantled and replaced with a brand new line that better suited current needs was built in the same location as the old line. In July 2016 mass production was started in the new line.

The new painting line is a fully automatic flatbed line with 2 spray booths. This line is much more suitable for our current product portfolio then our previous line and it also has substantially higher capacity. With our new line we are focusing on painting plastic parts that we injection mold ourselves in our molding production. The line is capable of running both solvent and water based paints but our focus is to run the more environmental friendly water based paint.

We operate the painting line on a 6 days per week schedule, 1 day is dedicated for cleaning and maintenance. Our capacity in the new painting line is approximately 2-2.5 million parts per week. This is of course depending on the part geometry and size.

Our personnel are regularly trained on paint and the painting process to meet our customers and environmental demands. We are running at for the industry a very good yield and overall performance. We are looking forward to hear from you.