Consumer products

Consumer products is one of our largest market segments. Our focus is on decorative and functional parts and assemblies for safety and security systems (internet-connected sensors, monitors, cameras, and alarm systems), and energy equipment like smart thermostats and smart lighting. These are the devices that fit our capabilities best, and are also at the forefront of the growth of connected home devices. These types of connected home devices are becoming popular first.

The development of “smart homes” has just started and the growth is projected to be steep in the coming five years. In 2019 it’s projected that the shipments will be ~1.9 billion connected homes devices in our focused areas of safety and security systems, energy equipment and smart lighting.

Connected homes is an area where plastic is an excellent and very suitable material. The connected homes devices need to be connected and that connection to Internet is through some type of antenna. This means that metal parts are not suitable as they interfere with the antenna performance whereas plastics has virtually no negative impact on the antenna performance. If a metal look is desired we have the option to coat the plastic part with a non-conductive metal coating, giving us a part with good antenna performance and a metal look.

We are very well equipped to be your partner for mechanical parts and assemblies in this area. Our equipment, knowledge and experience from mobile phones and other consumer products give us the capability and understanding for what's needed to provide decorative and functional parts and assemblies for the connected homes segment.