Industrial products

IV Group supports a wide range of brand leading customers in the Industrial & Consumer market segment.

Our offerings are focused around our core process of injection molding. In addition to the injection molding process we also have adjacent value add processes such as a painting in our robotic paint line, printing and various assembly methods.

We also have a network of suppliers that we manage through our supply chain, this enable us to offer our extended support on a wide range of complex products, including i.e. metals, PCB, various antenna solutions, metallization, etc.

In one of our factories in Norway we have the capability to do lean PVD. This is a metallization process that are fully automatized and set up directly linked to the injection molding machine.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of insert molding in various types of products, mainly inserting metal either in the form of stamped sheet metal or various types of screw inserts.

We work closely with our customers to develop long term relationships and to create the best possible product. To do this we focus on strong project management, early involvement, engineering and development support, leading to an optimized product.